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Colonel William Blair of Blair, MP for Ayrshire was made an Honorary member of Lodge Mother Kilwinning on the 22nd September 1789, Installed as Depute Grand Master of Kilwinning on the 21st December 1789 and subsequently Installed as Grand Master of Mother Kilwinning on the 21st December 1805. In 1807 an Agreement was reached between Lodge Mother Kilwinning and the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and Mother Kilwinning once again became a member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. As part of the Agreement the R. W. M. of the Mother Lodge became the Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire. William Blair held this position from 1807 until 1808.

William Blair of Blair

Colonel William Blair of Blair

Sir James Fergusson

Sir James Fergusson


The Right Hon. Sir James Fergusson, Bart. of Kilkerran was born in Edinburgh in 1832 the eldest son of Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, fifth baronet of Kilkerran. He was educated at Cheam, at Rugby and the University of Oxford, entered the Grenadier Guards and served in the Crimean war where he was wounded in November 1854. Elected as a Conservative for Ayrshire he entered the House of Commons in May 1855. He retired from the army on 9 August 1859. As the RWM of Lodge Mother Kilwinning No.0 he then became the Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire from 1859-1864. He was sworn in as the governor of South Australia in 1869 and had a long political career in Australia before returning to England. He passed to Grand Lodge above in an earthquake in Jamaica in January 1907.


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