Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning

Past Provincial Masters of Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning

David Patterson Adam W Hunter Charles P Speirs John Adrain David Wilson David Bloomfield Wilson Aitken
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In accordance with the 1807 Agreement, between the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the then Grand Lodge of Kilwinning, when installed as the Master of Lodge Mother Kilwinning, by right of that office he became Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire.

In 1983, this agreement was amended and Mother Kilwinning give up this previously held tradition in exchange for there to be erected and consecrated the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning was consecrated on the 18th November 1983 when Bro David Patterson was installed as the first Provincial Grand Master of Kilwinning.

PGL Office Bearers 1983


The P.G.L. of Kilwinning has only one Lodge in her province, "Kilwinning No.0", thus ensuring her singular position in the Masonic World. Another amendment to the 1807 agreement is, that for all time coming Lodge Mother Kilwinning will nominate a suitable Brother as Grand Lodge Bible Bearer in the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

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