History of Mother Kilwinning , Lodge and Museum
100th Anniversary Dinner held in Glasgow

The 100th Anniversary Dinner 1907


William Schaw the " Maister o' Work and "Warden o'er a' the masons " wrote that Kilwinning was the "Heid ( Head ) Ludge o' Scotland. Had these statutes been available in 1743 there would have been no doubt about Kilwinning's position in Freemasonry.  This agreement lasted for 176 years until amended in 1983, where once again Masonic change was required of Mother Kilwinning. The Master of Kilwinning no longer becomes Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire , instead:-

1. Mother Kilwinning has the right for all time being to nominate a Brother to become Bible Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

2. There was erected and consecrated the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning with Mother Kilwinning having the sole right to nominate the Provincial Grand Master in the Province of Kilwinning.

Kilwinning the Heid Ludge o' Scotland

Schaw Statutes 1598 - 1599

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Mother Kilwinning Museum

Lodge Mother Kilwinning No.0 Museum

The Mother Lodge Museum attracts many visitors every year who marvel at the many artefacts on display. To arrange a visit to the Mother Lodge of Scotland and to the museum and Lodge room please Contact us

The museum was opened in the early 1970ís, not only for the Brethren of the Mother Lodge, but also for the many visiting Brethren and the public. Thus allowing all to view the many old and magnificent artefacts, which have been gifted to the Lodge over a number of years. There is now in excess of 600 items on display, many dating back for several hundred years. The website illustrates only a few of the items on display in the museum and Lodge room and we encourage and welcome all visitors, both masons and non-masons.

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